Having grown up in Portugal until the age of 17, I had always wanted to be involved with making movies.


I was 13, having dinner at a restaurant with my parents, when I noticed something on the TV tucked away in the corner - it was playing a small behind-the-scenes report about a new movie that was coming out soon. That movie was “The Mummy”, and the behind-the-scenes segment saw Brendan Fraser battling invisible skeletons that would later be comped in. For some reason, seeing the inner-workings of how a movie gets made really grabbed me.


Maybe it was the movie magic of it all or maybe I just thought skeletons were cool, but whatever it was my 13 year old self knew he had to be a part of it.


A few years later my parents would move my family to Portland, OR in hopes of getting me into a film school in LA. When I first got there I thought I wanted to be an editor but it wasn’t until I was asked to shoot a movie my junior year in college that I thought being a cinematographer was my calling.


I just want to be a part of telling a captivating story no matter what capacity it may be in. I strive to be a part of something that moves people, be it a documentary, music video or feature or anything else, and if I can do it by bringing the story and characters to life with the camera and lighting then I’m a happy man.



Kevin Paulo Stewart

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