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Born in Paris and raised in Portugal until the age of 17, Kevin’s early fascination with cinema brought him to Los Angeles where he graduated from the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University. It was there he first paired his love for storytelling with an extreme proficiency in the technical side of filmmaking to trailblaze a unique path as writer, producer, and cinematographer.


His first feature with collaborator Jordan Downey, ThanksKilling, was a masterclass in independent filmmaking that has carved its place in cult history. In the years after film school, he became one of Funny or Die’s primary shooters, working with dozens of top actors including Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle, and Steve Carell. Narrative and commercial DP work for brands such as Walgreens, Ford, and Starbucks led to bigger opportunities like shooting the Rosa Parks biopic Behind the Movement for TV One and Blumhouse’s Unfriended: Dark Web.


His work as a cinematographer always ran parallel to his own films and screenplays culminating in The Head Hunter, which once again paired he and Downey for another indie marvel. The film won a total of 7 awards on the festival circuit, including Best Cinematography for Stewart and was a showcase for the alignment of characters, language, lenses, and cameras all working to achieve the same goal.


In recent years, Kevin has become a strong advocate for the technological advances in virtual production and his recent experimental short film Nemosyne - created and virtually shot entirely in Unreal Engine - won the MacInnes Studios Real-Time Shorts Challenge.


Kevin’s unique background as a writer and producer who deeply understands visual effects and lighting allows him to craft stories in more ways than one.

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